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Finalists unveiled for new Frederick Atlantic League team

Atlantic League 2018We have the five finalists for the name of the new Frederick Atlantic League team, and owner Attain Sports and Entertainment (AS&E) is asking for fan input as part of the final decision.

Voting will be one of the most important, but not the only, criteria used to select the new name for the Frederick ALPB Club. Fans are invited to vote for their favorite name of the five finalists selected from more than 1,500 name submissions, listed below with explanations. Voting is open Monday, February 6 through Friday, February 17.

Here are the finalists:

Bone Shakers – Frederick is home to the National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race, which features replicas of 19th Century high-wheel bicycles also known as penny farthings. However, many people nicknamed these early bicycles “boneshakers” as the lack of shocks and modern-day design led to rough and uncomfortable rides. These types of bicycles feature one very large front wheel and a tiny rear wheel. The large front wheel is known to produce high speeds and provide shock absorption. 

Ghost Hounds – There are many urban tales surrounding Frederick, including one about ghost dogs. Legend has it that some nights, an old blue or black dog can be seen roaming the grounds of the city and on occasion has even been heard to bark. This name both resonates with residents and sheds light on the many different historical and haunted attractions that Frederick has to offer locals and tourists. 

Rail Frogs – Frederick serves as an important crossroads for multiple routes including the Monocacy Native American trail, passages from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, and routes to both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Additionally, Frederick remains a historic rail crossroads with several branches of the B&O Railroad traversing the area and the Frederick-Pennsylvania Line connecting Maryland to the major economic hubs of Pennsylvania (Hanover, York, and Harrisburg). A rail frog is a structure used to allow wheels on either rail to cross to the other at an intersection and would represent Frederick as an important connection point in the region.

Sawbones – The National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick remembers an important point in the history of our country. During this brutal war, doctors frequently had to amputate limbs to save the injured party and earned the nickname “Sawbones.” This name links to the history of the region, shows grit and determination, and honors an essential group of people—our front-line medical workers.

Screaming Alpacas – Frederick and the surrounding farming community have been known to be home to llamas and more precisely, alpacas. The local 4-H club has an alpaca program to teach children how to raise and care for these animals. When defending their territory or fighting one another, alpacas let off a high-pitched scream which is ear-piercing and unique to these animals. 

“Community and teamwork are at the heart of all that we do, and that’s why we’re bringing this opportunity to the fans. We’re grateful for the many, many thoughtful submissions and can’t wait to see the new Frederick team name on the championship trophy,” said Greg Baroni, CEO and Managing General Partner, Attain Sports and Entertainment, via press release. “We continue to expand our commitment to community engagement, top-notch customer service, the growth and development of our players, coaches, and front-office staff, and most importantly, our pledge to provide fun and affordable, family-friendly entertainment that creates magical memories.”

“To allow adequate time for the design process of the new team logo, uniforms, and caps, the final team name will be unveiled at the Friday, June 23 home game when the Frederick Club hosts the York Revolution,” said Chuck Domino, Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for Attain Sports & Entertainment. “In the meantime, we’re starting off the season with something fun that has never been done before—uniforms with question marks in the colors of the Maryland flag (red, gold, and black) and black caps with a sole white question mark on the front and a Maryland Flag on the back. We thought this would be a great way to embrace the mystery of the naming contest results until the big reveal in June.”

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