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Oakland Ballers ballpark plans shift to Raimondi Park

A change in plans for the 2024 Oakland Ballers ballpark: The team will play at Raimondi Park in West Oakland, a shift from the previously announced home at Laney College.

Laney College officials balked at the proposal from the Ballers to install more seating at the 250-seat ballpark. That’s when the focus shifted to Raimondi Park, located in an industrial area of West Oakland. The same challenges exist at Raimondi Park as those presented by the Laney College ballpark–a lack of seating and professional-level amenities–but the Pioneer League Bawlers have announced a $1.6 million plan, funded through private investments, to upgrade the neighborhood field for use as the 2024 Oakland Ballers ballpark.

That includes a new scoreboard, which will be donated to the city, and we’re told there are plans for other upgrades to create a modular ballpark. We’ve seen this approach over time–a modular stadium, the Autostade, was pushed as the first home of the Montreal Exposand teams like the Madison Mallards unveiled significant ballpark improvements with modular elements. We’re told a well-known ballpark designer may be involved in these modular-ballpark efforts.

The ballpark is named for Ernie Raimondi, a local who played for the PCL’s Oakland Oaks before he was killed in World War II combat. Local stars like Curt Flood and Frank Robinson competed at Raimondi Park.

“As the Oakland Ballers, our mission has always been to revitalize Oakland’s ballparks,” said Bryan Carmel, co-founder of the Oakland Ballers, via press release. “We are honored to be part of the next chapter of baseball at Raimondi Park and eagerly anticipate collaborating with the City and local residents to showcase the potential of our city.”

Following formal approval from Oakland’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (PRAC) on January 10, 2024, the Oakland Ballers secured permission to host their 48 home games at Raimondi Park, commencing with the inaugural home game on June 4, 2024. A Field Rental Agreement has been established with the City of Oakland to facilitate this partnership.

Rendering courtesy Oakland Ballers.

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