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New for 2024: Hagerstown Flying Boxcars

We have the name for the new Atlantic League team debuting in the 2024 season: the Hagerstown Flying Boxcars, as Downtown Baseball, LLC goes with an aviation theme for the team.

Here’s the explanation from the team:

Both the Fairchild C-82 and its successor, the Fairchild C-119, were referred to as the “Flying Boxcar.” For the C-82, produced from 1944-1948, it became a nickname; but for the C-119, produced from 1949- 1955, the name was made official. Both airplanes were of very similar design, with a central fuselage the exact size of a railroad boxcar, a high wing, a high tail, and rear opening “clamshell” doors. The design provided the means for rapid loading and unloading of bulky and heavy cargo which could be accomplished at truck-bed level. The design also allowed for the airplane to be used for troop transport, casualty evacuation, as well as for airborne delivery operations.

With all these amenities, available in no other military aircraft of the time, Fairchild Flying Boxcars became the cargo and transport workhorses of the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s. The name “Flying Boxcar,” synonymous with Hagerstown, became known in all corners of the earth. For over ten years the design and manufacture of Fairchild’s C-82 and C119 placed Hagerstown at the center of military cargo production. By the early 1950s, Fairchild’s payroll reached 10,000 employees; and a total of 1,183 Flying Boxcars were produced by 1955.

If you want to follow construction of the new ballpark, check out the live 24/7 feed available on Visit Hagerstown’s website. Powered by Magic Lantern Productions and TRUELOOK, the camera is located atop the Ellsworth Electric building at Baltimore Street and Summit Avenue.

“The high-quality camera gives us an amazingly clear view of the construction site,” said Dan Spedden, President of Visit Hagerstown, via press release. “It is a rare opportunity to follow America’s newest and most innovative ballpark through its construction phase to opening day in 2024.”

The camera is currently parallel to the first-base line of the under-construction ballpark. As the ballpark rises later in construction, the camera will be relocated to a building beyond the outfield wall. It will run through Flying Boxcars first game. 

“In addition to the live camera view,” said Spedden, “we will post a time lapse video of the progress every eight weeks. You will be able to see the ballpark evolve from a gravel field to an opening day game and celebration. We plan to use the images and videos to promote Hagerstown as a preferred destination for visitors.”

Rendering courtesy Maryland Stadium Authority.

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