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Five potentials announced for new Jackson team name

Prospect League 250The new summer-collegiate Prospect League team playing in Jackson, TN beginning in 2023 is asking fans to guess the name to be selected for use from a list of five finalists–the Jackson 5.

After receiving over 900 submissions in a name-the-team contest, the team came up with a list of five finalists and is asking fans to guess which one will be eventually chosen. A mid-to-late May announcement is planned. Here’s the Jackson 5:

Jackson Locomotives–A reference to the history of the railroad industry in Jackson, along with the historical story of Casey Jones. Jones, the train engineer who famously saved everyone else’s lives aboard the Illinois Central locomotive #382 by slowing the train before it collided with another train yet died in his valiant effort.  Locomotives represents a grouping of several entries honoring Jackson’s railroad past like Railroaders, Cannonballs, and Engineers. Cannonballs and Railroaders are already in use in baseball.

Hub City Heroes–With Jackson, also known as the “The Hub City,” Heroes melds a positive name with the “everybody loves a hero” image. While the nickname “Hub City” is a nod to Jackson’s history as a railroad town, the city’s location halfway between Nashville and Memphis along Interstate 40, as well as its rail access, is located an hour from each major river in Tennessee, and its regional airport makes Jackson a modern-day, multi-modal hub.

Jackson Blue Suedes–The song “Blue Suede Shoes” was written and sung by area native Carl Perkins in 1955. Considered one of the first great rockabilly records, it combined blues, country, and pop music elements. Many artists recorded it, such as Buddy Holly, but Elvis Presley later popularized the most well-known version.  The Jackson area honors the song title with various events and charitable causes annually.

Jackson Rockabillies–Jackson is known as the Rockabilly music capital, home to the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Made famous by Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly, rockabilly music was the forerunner of rock and roll. A mix of country, rhythm and blues, and honky tonk became the sound that jump-started the rock-n-roll of the 1950’s. The name would be a salute to Jackson’s connection to the music and the movement. 

Hub City Hub Caps–Again, Jackson’s nickname refers to the railroad and highway hub here. A tip of the cap to the Hub City name and homage to the history of the great automobiles that created the moniker of Hub City. Who doesn’t love yesterday’s old jalopies and sentimental cars and trucks?

“This is an extremely exciting time for this organization, and we, like every other fan in this area, are so anxious to be able to unveil the name of this new team very soon,” said Play Ball Jackson GM Steve DeSalvo via press release. “The Jackson 5 announcement is the final step before the big announcement. Once we celebrate the final name, things will accelerate to a new level. Our announcements about our future fantastic and fun plans will explode.”

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