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New for 2024: Greenville Yard Gnomes

The Greenville Yard Gnomes are the newest team in the summer-collegiate Coastal Plain League, as Capitol Broadcasting unveils the branding for the team set to debut Friday, May 24 against the Tri-City Chili Peppers at Guy Smith Stadium.

Of course, we have a backstory. According to legend, for centuries gnomes have lived underground, guarding buried treasure and nearby plant life. In the heart of Greenville, N.C., where the spirit of “Pirate Nation” pulses through every street, a hidden chapter in pirate lore has been unearthed. Beyond the waving flags and symbols of skulls and crossbones lies a secret realm guarded by a tribe of valiant, bearded guardians. After protecting this loot beneath the earth for centuries, these mythical beings are now poised to emerge and make their home amidst the fervor of Guy Smith Stadium

“In the magical realm of baseball, where tradition meets imagination, the Greenville Yard Gnomes are not just a team; they’re now a living legend,” said Yard Gnomes General Manager Michael Villafana via press release. “Our commitment to blending the rich history of baseball in Greenville with the enchantment of the Yard Gnomes is a testament to our passion for the game and the community.”

“The Coastal Plain League believes in the power of baseball to bring communities together. The Greenville Yard Gnomes embody this belief, and we look forward to welcoming them officially into the league at the end of May,” said Chip Allen, Commissioner of the Coastal Plain League Michael Villafana via press release.

The team’s insignia is a tapestry woven with threads of Greenville’s vibrant identity. The golden hues of their uniform and hat pay homage to the revered ECU Pirates, while the green echoes the official green of the City of Greenville. The wooden bat, gracefully cradled, takes the form of North Carolina, with skull and crossbones marking the very spot where Greenville, NC proudly stands. As a nod to the cherished legacy of baseball in the region, the Yard Gnomes’ font mirrors that of the legendary Greenville Greenies, who graced the diamond from 1928 to 1951.

The Yard Gnomes were brought to life by Brian Begley, a New Jersey-based artist. Begley has worked with the Durham Bulls, Harlem Globetrotters, Orlando Magic and Carolina Hurricanes, among others. 

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