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College Baseball Hall of Fame finally finds a home

After two decades of searching, the College Baseball Hall of Fame will finally have a home, as the Museum at Prairiefire, in Overland Park, KS, will host its inaugural physical location.

It’s been a long journey for the College Baseball Hall of Fame, as there were previous attempts and fundraising effort to land a physical location first in Lubbock, Texas, and then Wichita, Kansas. (How long? We were covering the Lubbock effort in the earliest days of this site, as the College Baseball Hall of Fame was first announced in 2004 and the inaugural class announced in 2006.) The Museum at Prairiefire is an existing museum space, so integration should not be especially challenging. A 2025 opening is anticipated, made possible by a financial contribution from Kansas City Chiefs QB and former college baseball player Patrick Mahomes.

Visit Overland Park estimates that the College Baseball Hall of Fame will have a multi-million dollar impact on the local economy when its doors open in 2025.

“We are honored to serve as the story tellers and caretakers of college baseball history,” said Craig Ramsey, Chair of the College Baseball Foundation Board, via press release. “The sport is our national pastime, and we can’t wait to bring the stories of the college game to life in Overland Park. The stories of thousands who have had the privilege to be part of the game and the impact they have had on their teams, their schools, their families and their communities will be a tremendous draw. Prairiefire is the perfect home for visitors and fans to experience the game’s greatest legacies.”

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