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Goldeyes to play in Jackson following agreement with city

With Jackson officials continuing to say a lease with the Jackson Generals is invalid, the Winnipeg Goldeyes (American Association) came to a new agreement with the city to play at The Ballpark at Jackson as the U.S./Canada border continues to be closed.

Here’s the latest: Jackson Mayor Scott Conger has called for the Generals to vacate the ballpark as city crews begin the process of tidying up the place while soliciting bids for use of the former Class AA Southern League facility. (Yes, that’s an ad from Jackson to the right of this story soliciting proposals. The city is already arranging tours of the ballpark for potential responders to the RFP.) The status of the team and the ballpark have been up in the air since the Generals were not asked to be part of the new 120-team MiLB system instituted for 2021. Conger hasn’t threatened to throw out the team, led by owner David Freeman, out of the ballpark yet and asked for a voluntary departure.

Freeman’s staff is still on the premises and preparing for the Generals’ next big event: a Mercy Me concert scheduled for Thursday.

But one event on the team’s agenda has been preempted by the city: the return of professional baseball in the form of the Goldeyes, stuck in the United States while border issues remain. Goldeyes owner Sam Katz, according to the city, came to a separate agreement with the city on a temporary use agreement, preempting the deal with the Goldeyes and the Generals, per the Jackson Sun:

As preparations began for the concert, Conger and City Attorney Lewis Cobb presented a new license user agreement to the Jackson City Council for the Goldeyes to use the stadium.

“Mr. Freeman entered into discussion with the Goldeyes allowing them to play here, but our agreement with him has been terminated,” Cobb told the City Council. “So we’ve have written a temporary license user agreement with the Goldeyes, and their owner Sam Katz has agreed to it.”…

The Goldeyes will pay the City $1, and the City will pay for utilities and maintenance for the stadium while the Goldeyes pay for all expenses regarding the team.

The Goldeyes open their “home” season on Friday.

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