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New for 2022: Battle Creek Battle Jacks

Battle Creek Battle Jacks

We have the new name and branding for the former Battle Creek Bombers of the summer-collegiate Northwoods League: the Battle Creek Battle Jacks.

The name was announced today, coming after a name-the-team contest. With four finalists to choose from, nearly 3,000 votes were cast for the new team name. The Battle Jacks received the majority of votes for the new moniker. Crunchers finished in second place, followed by Blue Collars and Doughnuts. 

“Battle Jacks clearly resonated with the Battle Creek community, and we are incredibly excited to begin this new era for the organization. We have a new owner, a new name, a new logo, and a new vision for what we want this team to be and we can’t wait to share that with the community we call home” said General Manager Tyler Shore. 

The new logo depicts a fierce Jack Rusell Terrier heading into battle, carrying a flag bearing the new team moniker. The dog also has a chest protector as part of his battle attire along with a blue collar, which is a homage to the blue collar work ethic of the residents of Battle Creek.

The new team colors include a light royal blue, black, silver, white and brown. 

The new logo also contains a homage to the old Battle Cats branding. What was once a cat is now a Jack Russell dog. With ties to the city’s cereal background, Jacks connects to the popular Kellogg’s cereal “Apple Jacks.” A “Jack of All Trades” is also a figure of speech relating to someone with multiple skills which is prevalent for many community members in the Battle Creek Area. Finally, a “jack” is a popular term for a home run, and “Cracker Jack” is one of the most commonly associated snacks with the game of baseball.

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