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Astros formally roll out Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Sugar Land Space CowboysDrawing on the same inspiration for the original Houston Astros branding–the Johnson NASA Space Center–the new moniker for the Sugar Land Skeeters is now out: the Sugar Land Space Cowboys (Triple-A West).

Not the newest of news: word leaked out a few weeks ago. What was unveiled last night: the new logos, jerseys and wordmarks. Basically, the new branding combines the NASA space theme with the cowboy narrative that has been popular in literature, TV and films for over 100 years. Space westerns, of course, are a staple of popular culture; more than a half-century ago Gene Roddenberry pitched Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the stars.”

“We are excited to be launching the new identity for our Triple A affiliate, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys,” Anita Sehgal, Astros Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications said via press release. “Today represents a new chapter of professional baseball in Sugar Land and the next step to take as the team moved from its independent ball roots to affiliated Triple A baseball. Our goal was to clearly reflect a strong connection to the Astros family, but also stand out as a unique identity aligned with the vibrant, progressive, and family focused values of the City of Sugar Land community.”

Here are the stories behind the new branding:

  • Colors/Horizon Gradient: Inspired by a shot of the horizon of the earth from space, the color palette and gradient feature light blue, navy, orange, gray and black notes that are prominent in the franchise’s logo and uniforms. The colors represent the ever-expanding Sugar Land community and an exciting new chapter on the horizon for the Triple-A Affiliate of the Houston Astros at Constellation Field.
  • Primary Logo: The primary logo features the Space Cowboy donning a traditional cowboy hat, a bandana and a blast shield over his face that is peppered with space dust and has a starburst at the eye. The words Sugar Land Space Cowboys are displayed in a medallion on the outside of the logo.
  • Mission Patch: This patch will be featured on all thee uniforms and serves as an alternate logo. It intertwines elements from the Texas state flag, with a rocket superimposed over the front ready to launch.
  • Uniforms: The Space Cowboys will have a home, road and alternate uniform set. The home uniform features a white jersey with “Space Cowboys” across the chest and a Navy Blue hat with the primary logo. The road uniform includes a grey jersey with Navy Blue sleeves, with “Sugar Land” written across the chest, and a Navy Blue hat with the interlocking “SL” logo. The alternate uniform features a Vice Blue jersey with the primary logo on the chest. The alternate uniform hat has the Mission Patch logo on a white front, with a Navy Blue backing.

It is interesting to see reactions to the new name. Old dudes immediately go Steve Miller Band; middle-aged folks go the movie/Clint Eastwood route, and younger fans go the Cowboy Bebop path.

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