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Pioneer League unveils 96-game 2021 schedule

Pioneer LeagueWhile the rest of Minor League Baseball waits for schedules, the newly independent Pioneer League unveiled a 96-game schedule for 2021–20 games more than in previous years.

In past years as a Rookie-level MiLB league, the Pioneer League featured a 76-game schedule, with 38 home games. The new schedule begins on May 22 and runs through Sept. 10, followed by playoffs. The league will feature games Wednesdays-Mondays, with no play across the circuit on Tuesdays. And, in a unique twist, series will be either three games or six games, with the vast majority of series running six games. (For instance, the Billings Mustangs will play 11 six-game series, and three series where three games on the road and at home against the same opponent.)

“We’re so excited to announce our 2021 schedule and give the people of Billings ten more home games of exciting Mustangs baseball,” said Billings owner Dave Heller via press release. “Our fans are going to continue to see all of the same teams they’ve enjoyed in the past and the same high-quality baseball – just more of it. It will have been 20 months since our last home game and it’s way past time for some fun Mustangs baseball. I can’t wait for the first pitch.”

Another change, which we’ve already covered: the Northern Colorado Owlz will sit out the season because of ballpark construction, and the Boise Hawks–formerly of the Northwest League–will join the Pioneer League.

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