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Rangers: Globe Life Field Approximately 90 Percent Completed

Globe Life Field construction January 2020

Less than three months from its opening, Globe Life Field is making substantial progress, as the Texas Rangers announced Thursday that construction is approximately 90 percent complete.

The Rangers will play their first games in late March at Globe Life Field, their new retractable-roof home. With the first of two exhibition games before the regular season set for March 23, and the ballpark’s first major event—a concert headlined by Chris Stapleton—set for March 14, Globe Life Field is approximately 90 percent finished.

That is according to information provided by the Rangers on Thursday. Along with new photos of the construction site—showing certain finishing touches in place, including completely installed foul poles and seating in some locations of the bowl—the information noted some of the latest milestones to happen in the construction process.

Inside the ballpark, nearly all of the drywall has been completed, while concessionaire Delaware North has begun testing equipment in all kitchen and concession areas. The ballpark’s exterior is also taking shape, with the southwest entry structure now complete.

Globe Life Field is expected to see some significant progress in the near future, as work has begun on some of its finishing touches. As noted, some of the seating is in place, while preliminary work has begun on the field surface. Furthermore, concrete work on the dugouts was completed last month, and is now taking place on the bullpens and outfield walls.

Below is a full overview of the current state of Globe Life Field construction, supplied by the Rangers.


  • Seat installation is in progress on the upper seating bowl. Over half of the seats have been installed up to this point.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on all kitchen and concession areas. Concession work, including bar fronts, and installation of kitchen equipment, is ongoing on all levels.
  • Preliminary work has started on the field surface, including the installation of the retractable pitching mound.

Field Surface:

  • Preliminary work has started on the field surface. Field concrete work will begin next week, and clay installation will follow at the end of the month.
  • Installation of the retractable pitching mound started last month and is currently in progress.

Roof Work:

  • The 5.5-acre retractable roof at Globe Life Field was closed for the first time in early December, marking a major milestone for the project. The roof moved a total of 405 feet from the open position, east toward the closed position.
  • Decking is 100 percent complete and roofing work over the retractable roof structure is 85 percent complete.
  • Framing of the ETFE panels is in progress over the retractable portion of the roof. Pillows will start installation middle of January.
  • Work is ongoing for the seals along the roof track. The seals will keep wind and rain out of the building.
  • The total steel weight of the entire operable roof structure is approximately 9,600 tons.
  • The roof will use a total of 19,000 tons of steel.

Globe Life Field Construction January 2020

Concrete work:

  • Concrete work for the visitors and home dugout was completed in December. Work is ongoing for the outfield field walls, including the bullpens.
  • All other concrete work for the entire facility has been completed.

Internal Work:

  • Work on interior finishes is ongoing throughout the building. Furniture is being installed in the office building.
  • Epoxy floor update is complete on the lower concourse and in progress on main concourse.
  • Cabinetry work is ongoing on all levels. All cabinets have been installed in the lower concourse, office area, and suite levels.  Cabinets are in progress on service level.
  • Drywall is 96 percent complete in the ballpark. Drywall on the club and concession areas is currently in progress.

External Work:

  • The southwest entry structure is complete. Work is progressing on sidewalks and brick paver installation for the southwest entrance.
  • Granite and Lueders stonework is ongoing on both the interior and exterior columns of the ballpark.
  • Glass installation on the north side of the ballpark is complete. Glass is complete on the south, east, and west portion of the ballpark.
  • Hardscape is in progress on the exterior of the building, including construction of the fire lanes, retaining walls, concrete curbs, and gutters. Asphalt has been laid for the east parking lot directly adjacent to Globe Life Field.
  • The first tree was planted outside of Globe Life Field earlier this week, located on the east side of the ballpark.


  • Delaware North, the concessionaire provider for Globe Life Field, has started testing equipment in all kitchen and concession areas.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on all kitchen and concession areas. Concession work, including bar fronts, and installation of kitchen equipment, is ongoing on all levels.
  • The foul poles were installed in mid-November.
  • Sports lights have been installed throughout the building. The lights are currently being tested in stages.

The Rangers are scheduled to play exhibition games at the ballpark against the St. Louis Cardinals on March 23 and Rangers minor leaguers on March 24, before facing the Los Angeles Angels in the regular-season home opener on March 31. HKS is the design architect on the project, with Manhattan Construction Company serving as construction manager.

Photos courtesy Texas Rangers.

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