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New Canaries Ballpark Pitched as Part of Sioux Falls Sports Complex

Proposed Sioux Falls sports complex

With the city debating the future of Sioux Falls Stadium, a developer is floating the idea of a privately financed new ballpark for the Sioux Falls Canaries (independent; American Association).

Multiple venues around the Denny Sanford Premier Center, including the ballpark and Sioux Falls Arena, have been the subject of an analysis by a study group convened by the city. The group finalized its recommendations on Wednesday, calling for the eventual demolition of Sioux Falls Stadium–pointing to the cost of maintaining the aging facility, among other issues. Sioux Falls Stadium opened in 1941 as home to the affiliated Western League Canaries and was renovated in 2000.

If Sioux Falls Stadium is demolished to make way for a new development, a possible landing pad for the Canaries could be a proposed Sanford Sports Complex in northern Sioux Falls, part of a larger development near Benson Road and Interstate 29 that is slated to include sports facilities, businesses and hotels. Right now the Sanford Sports Complex is just a proposal, though some work has already been done in parts of the development. But a privately financed Canaries ballpark would allow for redevelopment of the Sioux Falls Stadium while also adding to the city’s development base. And while there’s been talk of a new downtown ballpark, city officials would surely love the idea of a privately financed facility. From KDLT:

“The rendering that was shown in the city planning commission was a concept only map that we put out there,” said [Matt Ditmanson, Sanford Health director of business development]. “There’s been no discussions with the city or with the Canaries on any movement of any stadium here in Sioux Falls.”

The Sioux Falls Planning Office says the addition of the Sanford complexes would create more foot-traffic for Sanford and could be a win-win for all parties.

“It can work really well, and it’s really exciting to see that and there is a lot of space out there. It’s going to be really exciting to see what’s going on out there and what could happen out there,” said Albert Schmidt, Sioux Falls planning office urban planner.

The above illustration is a concept plan presented to the city and not necessarily what will be constructed.

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