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Study Pitches Downtown Sioux Falls Canaries Ballpark

Sioux Falls Canaries

Sioux Falls (SD) officials may want to consider a new downtown ballpark for the Sioux Falls Canaries (independent; American Association), according to a new study. 

Currently, Sioux Fall officials are working with the Minneapolis-based Conventions, Sports & Leisure International to map out the future of Sioux Falls Arena. The firm’s report will also take a look at Sioux Falls Stadium, the current home of the Canaries.

While discussions would appear to be preliminary at this point, the report suggests that a new ballpark is something officials may want to consider. Sioux Falls Stadium’s aging condition has put it behind more modern facilities in the American Association, which has seen an influx of new ballpark openings in recent years (that trend will continue when Impact Field debuts for the Chicago Dogs next month). The report also zeroes in on a downtown location for a new ballpark, noting the advantages it could provide to the Canaries and the surrounding area. More from Argus Leader:

“Given the age of the stadium relative to others in the (Canaries’) league, it is reasonable to assume that new stadium construction in the near future would be warranted,” reads the executive summary of the 78-page report….

The report says annual attendance averages there have declined steadily since 2013, which could be a result of the game experience that an outdated facility provides patrons.

A new stadium and a more active location could bring those attendance numbers back up, according to the report.

“To create a superior before- and after-game experience for fans, many markets see stadium development take place in downtown areas that are within close proximity of restaurants and entertainment,” it reads. “This type of setting for any new stadium development in Sioux Falls should be pursued.”

More details on the report are expected to be presented during an informational meeting with the city council next week.

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