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Gastonia to move forward with Honey Hunters eviction

Gastonia Honey HuntersA Maryland court held that the city of Gastonia can move forward with a Gastonia Honey Hunters eviction from the city-owned CaroMont Health Park, despite the Atlantic League team filing for bankruptcy protection.

The Honey Hunters are facing legal challenges on more than one front.

Citing over $1.1 million in unpaid debt, the MLB Partner League terminated the Gastonia Honey Hunters membership and filed suit to collect on the debt. At the same time the city also filed a lawsuit seeking payment and the Honey Hunters eviction from CaroMont Health Park to address “$2 million in unpaid debts, including a dozen people who are owed thousands in unpaid wages, an unpaid utility bill for more than $7,000, two unpaid leases for about $13,000 and $19,000 each, $140,000 owed to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, and $126,402 owed to the IRS,” according to the Gaston Gazette.

When the Honey Hunters’ Maryland-based parent company, NC Gas House LLC, filed for bankruptcy in early December in Maryland bankruptcy court, the eviction was automatically stayed. The city appealed, and on Tuesday the city was granted permission to proceed with eviction.

Time is of the essence for the eviction; there is a new owner with professional sports experience willing to take over CaroMont Health Park with a new Atlantic League team. A 2024 Atlantic League schedule with the Honey Hunters as one of the 10 teams has already been released.

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