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Honey Hunters hit financial road block, now current with Gastonia

Gastonia Honey HuntersThe Gastonia Honey Hunters hit financial headwinds the last two weeks, with players refusing to take the field because of unpaid salaries and the city seeking $88,038.75 in back rent and payments for Caromont Health Park and accompanying services.

Since the financial issues arose in late July, the city has received its back payments, and the MLB Partner League Atlantic League stepped in. From Queen City News:

The local baseball team is reportedly making delayed payments to staff on Tuesday, July 25. A player with Gastonia Honey Hunters, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Queen City News that some players have had issues with the timing of their payments.

During these payment issues, the Atlantic League has told players ‘they would be paid on time.’ Gastonia Honey Hunters confirmed with Queen City News, ‘they are the ones paying the players.’

The issues, according to the team, are the same as those being faced by many small businesses in the country: the team is still seeing a financial impact after launching the team in the midst of the COVID-19 economic slowdown, per WSOC:

“We’ve been going through challenges,” [COO Veronica] Jeon said. “We’ve had a plan. We’ve been working on the plan. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve been working diligently and honestly; the management has been working around the clock. We’re not going anywhere. We’re here to stay.”

The team’s home field is steps away from downtown Gastonia.

However, fans filled just about a tenth of Caromont Health Park.

“We did start out during COVID-19 when other businesses were closing down,” Jeon said. “That’s when we launched. 2021. That left us in a deficit.”

The Honey Hunters ownership group is led by real-estate investor and developer Brandon Bellamy. He is also involved in development efforts around the ballpark.

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