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What ballpark is this? Mystery solved

Dehler Park

The Beartooth Highway should have a been a big clue to where a prominent Geico commercial was filmed, as a mystery ballpark location is revealed.

Like many avid television viewers, we tend to pay attention when a new Geico commercial hits the airwaves. And, obviously, we paid extra-close attention to this offering:

Parts of it seemed so…familiar, between the motorcycle racing through the mountains and the ballpark. Missed the rimrock in the far distance, though.

Then it was pointed out this commercial was filmed in the great Billings area in September 2020, with the opening taking place on the Beartooth Highway south of Red Lodge and the ballpark scenes filmed at Dehler Park, home of the Billings Mustangs (Pioneer League). True, some post-production editing removed any sign of the Mustangs, including sponsors, from the commercial. Still, it’s pretty cool to see what we considered to be an underrated ballpark to be featured on a national TV spot. And it’s always a good day when there’s a glimpse of the Beartooth Highway.

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