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American Association NFTs on tap

American Association 2021We know sports organizations have been eying the amazing money generated with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and now we have the American Association getting into the action.

We’re not entirely sure most people know what NFTs are or how they work, but we do know NFTs have generated plenty of headlines for artists and issuers of collectibles who are selling them in conjunction with digital works. Basically, with an NFT, you’re buying a share in something that’s tracked via blockchain. You don’t actually own the work, and you don’t actually get anything but a NFT declaring your interest in the work forever and ever.

In the case of the American Association, the MLB Partner League is offering NFTs in league-issued digital works in conjunction with OpenSea. Yes, you can own a chunk of a video from the Milwaukee Milkmen showcasing the team’s 2020 championship ($35) or a one side of a Chicago Dogs trading card ($23). (Of course, you’ll need to buy the goods using cryptocurrency. But that’s a whole different discussion.) The point, of course, is to speculatively invest early and then cash out when values go through the roof–presumably more like a Monet painting and less like a Beanie Baby.

According to a league press release, there are plans to launch other NFT’s that will allow fans to purchase digital collectibles packaged with tangible items like tickets, subscriptions to, American Association memorabilia and league partner merchandise.

“The American Association continues to explore new technologies and further add to its existing digital channels,” said American Association Commissioner Joshua Schaub. “As the NFT space continues to expand we think there are few better ways to engage with the next generation of baseball fans than through exciting technologies like NFTs. This launch is another opportunity for the American Association to further cement itself as the premier MLB Partner League.”

Hey, if William Shatner can sell X-rays of his teeth as NFTs, no reason why a sports league can’t sell one side of a Chicago Dogs Squeeze baseball card for $23..

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