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Release your frustrations at York’s Smash Bash

Smash Bash

What a brilliant promo: for those frustrated by how 2020 has rolled out, the York Revolution (independent; Atlantic League) is holding “Smash Bash,” where you can take out your feelings on inanimate, breakable objects of all kinds.

The Revolution is teaming up with Re-Source York to create the experience at PeoplesBank Park — and you can smash to your heart’s content for the low, low price of $20. The Revolution will create five “rooms” on the field of PeoplesBank Park stocked with household items ranging from small appliances to doors, toilets, and more, as well as the implements participants will use to turn each into cathartic piles of pieces.

“Sometimes, you just got to let it out,” said Revolution General Manager John Gibson. “With everything our community has gone through this year, we thought York could use a safe place to vent the frustration we’re all feeling. The pandemic can postpone lots of things in our lives, but it can’t keep us from finding creative and fun ways of coping together.”

Re-Source York, the non-profit home improvement and home furnishings resale store that helps fund Bell Socialization Services, has donated to the event dinged and damaged items not quite suitable for resale.

“This is a perfect match for us,” said Corey Wolfe, executive director of Re-Source York. “Even those items donated to us that may never sell are now going to help generate some of the much-needed funds the community depends on, and I can’t think of a more fun or appropriate way to raise those funds in these crazy times.”

Family and friends of participants are welcome to enjoy the spectacle for just $5 each, and additional smash options will be available for additional $5 donations, including a whack at a car, a few tosses in the “Paint Room,” and the purchase of a beer sampling glass attendees can use to enjoy a sample craft beer from Sign of the Horse Brewery and – you guessed it – “Smash a Glass” after the sample.

Proceeds will benefit Re-Source York and Community Progress Council (CPC), the Revolution’s 2020 non-profit sponsor. The event is scheduled for Sunday, September 13, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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