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St. Paul Saints Announce CHS Field Upgrades

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With the 2018 season approaching, the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) are announcing a variety of improvements to CHS Field

Now on the cusp of their fourth season at the ballpark, the Saints are rolling out a variety of improvements to CHS Field, with some attention paid to craft beer offerings. That includes the Summit Brewing Balcony, an area on the club and suite level that features a first-of-its-kind, in a sporting venue, self- pour tap table. The area comes with four taps of Summit’s most sought after brews, charged by the ounce, food, and a place to watch the game for $55 a person.

In addition, the Saints have made changes to the Craft Beer Corner. Located in the left field corner on the concourse, the space features a brand-new bar and cooling truck.  One side of the bar is reserved for groups of 50-75, that comes complete with meal, soda and water and a seat to watch the game all for $44 a person, while the other side is for fans wanting to try a craft beer from 36 different taps, up from 32 the last three years.

Not all of the changes to CHS Field are focused on beer, however, as the Saints have unveiled a broad set of upgrades. The Saints are revamping their entire kids play area, located on the centerfield concourse behind the St. Paul Eye Clinic Batters Eye, with the unique HealthPartners PowerUp Play Zone.  Four brand new “zones” are being created for kids to dance, climb, play and slide.  The four areas break down as follows:

PowerUp Peak

This supervised 12-foot high climbing wall will have two separate harnessed climbing lanes with strategically placed fruits and veggies to be used as hand grips.  The “Try For 5” encourages kids to reach five of the fruits and vegetables on the wall reinforcing the importance of eating at least five fruits and vegetables each day.


Based on a classic board game, this interactive game comes complete with a spinner on the wall that prompts players to move forward if they land on a fruit or vegetable and skip a turn if they spin other options.  The first player to reach the end wins.

The Fruit Chute

Climb to the top of a Rainbow play system and speed down the slides and chutes, all decked out in cute, fruity friends.

Club Clementine

Turn up the music, let the lights glimmer off the disco ball and get your groove on.  Rad Raspberries, groovy grapes, and an Orange who can do the twist as the PowerUp Dance Cam catches the kids dancing the night away.

Technology has also factored into the improvements, as the Saints have added free ballpark WiFi.

Ballpark WiFi

During the first three-years in Lowertown the biggest thing fans wanted was to stay connected.  The Saints listened and in year four of CHS Field free WiFi throughout the ballpark will enable fans to interact with each other and make those not in attendance jealous.  The Hi-Speed WiFi will allow fans to send photos through all their social media channels and talk to other fans through the Saints App, all while not using an ounce of data.  The WiFi should be available to fans by the second homestand of the season beginning on June 8.

All of the posting on social media with your phone, however, is bound to drain your battery.  The Saints have the perfect way to help you out.

Sprint Charging Stations

The Saints and Sprint have teamed up to provide three separate charging stations located on the Sprint branded light posts around the ballpark.  Each station will have multiple charging docks.

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