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Bosse Field Improvements Being Planned

Evansville Otters

Bosse Field is expected to receive improvements in the future, as a group is planning upgrades to the historic home of the Evansville Otters (independent; Frontier League). 

Bosse Field originally opened in 1915, and is currently owned by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp (EVSC). To help cover repairs that are expected to help keep the facility viable going forward, the EVSC will receive funds from a property tax levy that takes effect next year. The levy comes out to $5 for every $100,000 of assessed value, and is expected to raise about $300,000 annually, helping to cover improvements that could cost $1.5 million.

With those funds expected for future years, the EVSC has created a group to oversee the effort to upgrade Bosse Field. That group–the Bosse Field Historical Society–held its first meeting this month, and has discussed the key tasks that need to be completed down the road. More from The Courier & Press:

The group met for the first time in November. They plan to hire a company to inspect the stadium and estimate the cost of upgrading its various systems.

“We’re hoping to have a report on the needs done by early 2018, because the current electrical system, lights and roof, those things all need some pretty quick attention,” said Mike Duckworth, a Bosse Field Historical Society member. “We’re dealing with electrical components put in in the 1950s. If something goes wrong, there are no replacement parts.”

Currently, the stadium is maintained by the EVSC maintenance staff, which handles all the school corporation’s buildings.

“We don’t have a person appointed to Bosse Field,” said Daryl Angermeier, the EVSC chief facilities officer. “As calls come in we put in work orders and have someone go out and fix it.”

The Bosse Field Historical Society consists of three EVSC board members, a pair of EVSC employees, plus a county official, and a county resident. Prior to the arrival of the Otters in 1995, Bosse Field had hosted numerous teams, including the Evansville Triplets (Class AAA; American Association) from 1970-1984. It also has the distinction of having been used in the production of the film A League of Their Own.

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