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New Videoboard Installed at Dow Diamond

Dow Diamond Video Board

A major upgrade has arrived at Dow Diamond, where the Great Lakes Loons (Low A; Midwest League) have installed a new videoboard. 

Local vendors including Midland Engineering Limited, Bierlein Companies, Three Rivers Corporation and Blasy Electric contributed to fulfilling the structural and electrical needs in right field and on the front of the suite level.

The next phase of the project is completing the team’s new production studio on the 3rd level of the stadium in order to support the upgrades. This is expected to be operational and ready for testing in early 2018.

“To have the major portion of the project completed by our Thanksgiving deadline was an important objective,” Director of Production Trent Elliott said. “The next few months will be exciting as we begin to test all of the capabilities of the new high-definition system. We’ll be working everyday towards Opening Day on April 5.”

Partnering with Daktronics, the Michigan Baseball Foundation installed a new video board measuring 31 feet tall by 80 feet wide. It’s the largest display to feature 13HD technology, as well as the brightest display and fifth largest overall that Daktronics has installed in the minor leagues.

At over 2,500 square feet, the equivalent to 235 60-inch televisions, the display features more than two million LEDs with a resolution of 1876×728 capable of generating up to 281 trillion colors. Variable content zoning capabilities allow the Loons to show either one large image, or provide a seamless display with any combination of video, statistics, line score, sponsor advertisements and other animations.

New 13HD pixel layout ribbon displays measuring 3.5 feet tall by 120 feet wide stretch down each baseline on the front façade of the suite level and have the capability to enhance the game experience featuring player stats and other fan engagement elements.

Image courtesy Great Lakes Loons. 

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