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Sponsored Story: Create New Revenue with Stadium One Software

Professional teams in today’s wild world of constantly changing new technology are tasked with the challenge of fueling old traditional revenue channels while attempting to create new revenue-generating opportunities.

Revenue channels like sponsorships, ticketing, group sales, food and beverage sales, merchandise, fan loyalty programs and other in-game revenue avenues are sometimes difficult to achieve as you strive to reach a team’s yearly goals. The challenges are many, but a new generation of stadium management software is here and has been proven to help achieve revenue goals.

Stadium One is uniquely designed by a multi-team owner with a world-class technology background whose vision is to maximize every revenue center. The Stadium One software suite of stadium-centric software modules crosses traditional revenue channels while creating new ones. This new generation of software tools has been proven to help professional sports teams increase revenue directly impacting the bottom line on a game-by-game basis. While management takes on the daily challenges of creating traditional revenue centers, Stadium One contributes across all income and expense centers to improve the constant flow of data and dollars throughout stadium operations.

The Stadium One Unique Integrated Design creates a comprehensive stadium software and hardware solution, maximizing all revenue centers to the fullest extent while cutting down on theft and waste dramatically. Plus, it gives teams the ability to incorporate and increase revenue in the following areas: ticketing, group sales, sponsorships, concessions, merchandising and building fan loyalty.

Stadium One provides a more effective integrated control of your revenue and expense centers and illustrates ONE clear picture of your stadium operation. This coincides with Stadium One’s unique offering; stadium-designed POS devices offering a REAL TIME robust inventory package, loyalty program, event calendar, and work force management for scheduling while providing integrated reporting into a team’s ticketing, accounting, payroll and CRM database. The total software package combined into ONE system connected into a GM/Owner APP for easy access of in-game team financial and operational data.



Let’s review a few of the main revenue centers and see how Stadium One can help your bottom line.

How can Stadium One Help Traditional and Non-Traditional Revenue Growth for Your Team?

There are three areas just in this section alone where Stadium One software contributes to the bottom line for our clients.

Sponsorships We take sponsorships to the next level, providing a digital interactive experience inserting their promotion and ad directing in front of the fans at our point of purchase devices around the stadium. This increases the number of sponsorship opportunities in your ballpark, stadium, sports complex or arena while enhancing the number of locations your sponsor can advertise. 

This game-changing software offers a unique, savvy and innovative way to connect all POS devices and run your sponsors ads on our back-screen monitors. The fan will be focused on the ads because their orders and sales transactions will be on the screen when the sales are being transacted. Furthermore, your sponsor can include a QR code to track and generate promotions from the stadium directly back to their website for tracking the effectiveness of the advertisement.


Stadium1 screen

Ticketing / Party Groups We can incorporate your ticketing system within Stadium One to illustrate the per cap numbers in real time for each revenue center. Plus, we provide live ticketing, giving your team the ability to load a ticket from any revenue center and be included on group sales tickets.

  • POS register is modified for easy handling of loaded tickets or gift cards
  • Customers can see the balance on remaining purchases on the receipt
  • Party and group sales can split values amongst all party goers allowing POS operators to increase the balance at point of purchases for individual tickets
  • Automatically supply customers with promotional discounts on purchases through a loaded ticket
  • Compete reporting and upsell capabilities from remaining balances

STADIUM ONE – POS LOADED TICKET SOFTWARE – Illustrating available balance and history



Loyalty and Point Programs Stadium One can increase your sales through our customer rewards program, tracking your customers’ buying habits while increasing the per cap spending at your facility. Here’s how:

  • Registers have been modified for easy handling of our Stadium One Customer Loyalty program via I-Phone and Android scanning and/or manual entry.
  • Customers will see reward points earned on each balance and total points in bank on purchase receipt and mobile app.
  • Customers will see prizes and/or food and beverage products that can be earned via points on mobile app. Customers can redeem points at any POS or specified units
  • Raffles prizes for point redemption
  • In-seat promotion offers specifically for loyalty APP users
  • Promotion of the APP comes complete with a 15-second commercial airing on the back screen of the POS register to ignite interest



In summary – To date Stadium One is the fastest-growing software company in the stadium, arena, sports complex and team industry, doubling our clients each year over the last 3 years.

Stadium One is designed specifically for stadium operations — we were born online and created from the ground up with a solid foundation of utilizing the latest cloud-based software technology tools and designed with the most advanced Microsoft programming tools.

Stadium One offers software tools that can help teams increase revenues, reduce theft and waste, connecting all departments into a real-time system so ownership can make more informed decisions, pre-game and in-game, based on our integrated technology.

This revolutionary product is something you have to see to believe.  

To learn more, please contact Ed Mullen at or call 561-704-1414.

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