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Freedom Baseball League scraps playoffs, lays off staff

Freedom Baseball LeagueThe independent Freedom Baseball League has scrapped the four-team postseason playoffs and has reportedly laid off staff in anticipation of the end of the regular season.

The four-team league, which plays at various ballparks in the Phoenix area (including Scottsdale Stadium and Peoria Stadium), has had a rocky first year; seems Arizona baseball fans may not be too thrilled about sitting in the hot sun — it should be over 100 degrees at game times for Tu-Thurs games this week. The regular season ends Sept. 4, and the resulting postseason tourney has reportedly been scrapped.

Also scrapped, according to the Examiner: office and game-day staffers.

The big question is wherher or not the league back next season. There’s a reason why pro baseball has been a challenge in Phoenix for teams not playing in a covered ballpark: it’s hard attracting crowds in the hot Arizona sun. League founder Joe Sperle says the league will be back next season, but we’re guessing there will need to be some sort of new business plan involved, as this season’s plan clearly didn’t work.

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