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Tornadoes locked out of offices, team shop

Worcester TornadoesAfter losing team uniforms to satisfy a lien, Worcester Tornadoes (independent; Can-Am League) offices and team store were seized by a creditor, with the team locked out.

The seizing came this afternoon after papers were served against the team and owner Todd Breighner over nonpayment of a $32,562 debt against the Hilton Garden Inn. The Inn won a judgement against Breighner and the Tornadoes corporate parent, Streamlined Sports, saying that attempts to settle the debt ended with bounced checks and broken promises. The seizing of team assets and subsequent changing of the locks are part of that effort. 

From the Worcester News-Telegram:

About an hour before the constable showed up, office employees of the Can-Am team walked out of the office with handfuls of three-ring binders and put them in the back of a car.

Nick Gagalis, director of broadcasting and marketing manager for the Tornadoes, said the binders had personal paperwork. 

“We weren’t told to leave,” he said when asked about the presence of the constable. 

The order against the Tornadoes includes the team’s liquor license at Fitton Field. The team is scheduled to play a doubleheader tonight against the Rockland Boulders, and the first game has already begun.

This is the latest attempt to collect on Tornadoes debt; Jose Canseco filed suit last week and two other vendors are also seeking payment of old debt.

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