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New Crushers ballpark unlikely to impact local freeway

Will a ball hit out of All Pro Freight Stadium land on an adjoining freeway? Not unless zombie Mickey Mantle decides to make a comeback in the Frontier League.

With ballparks, it's all about location, location, location.

But the location of All Pro Freight Stadium, the new home of the Lake Erie Crushers (independent; Frontier League), has some locals worried that a ball hit out of the ballpark could end up on I-90.

Experts consulted by the Cleveland Free Dealer say it's very unlikely a ball hit down the first-base line could end out on the freeway. Indeed, it would take a poke of more than 500 feet for that possibility to even exist, and the team is installing netting to cut down those chances dramatically.

The consensus from experts and architects: it would take a 500-foot-plus poke to even have a chance of making it out of the ballpark. Those players are rare in Major League Baseball, let alone the Frontier League, so locals can relax.

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