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New for 2024: Blue Cross Park

Winnipeg GoldeyesWe have a new naming-rights deal for the home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes (American Association): Blue Cross Park, part of a 10-year deal with Manitoba Blue Cross.

“The Goldeyes are proud of the many collaborations we have made over the years with local businesses, so when it came time to seek a new naming rights partner it was very important that it be a Manitoba-based enterprise,” said team President Sam Katz via press release. “Manitoba Blue Cross is a name that is known to and trusted by Manitobans, and we look forward to the exciting days ahead at Blue Cross Park.”

The Goldeyes have called the 7,000-seat venue home since it opened in 1999. The facility was expanded to its current footprint in 2003 and now includes 29 Skysuites, two patio decks, a Picnic Park, and a Craft Beer Corner.

“Our alliance with the province’s beloved baseball team is well-suited to Manitoba Blue Cross as both organizations are committed to the community and focused on benefiting the health and well-being of Manitobans,” says Benjamin Graham, President and CEO of Manitoba Blue Cross, via press release. “The Goldeyes have a long history of bringing together families and friends each year, and as Manitoba Blue Cross celebrates its upcoming 50th anniversary in 2024, we are proud to know that Blue Cross Park will continue to be a place where everyone can make new memories for seasons to come.”

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