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Seal Slingers or Fish Sticks? Your call

Here’s an interesting name-the-team vote, as the summer-collegiate Seattle-based Highline Bears are asking your input on two possible new team names: DubSea Seal Slingers and the DubSea Fish Sticks.

Fans can vote online at The final team name will be announced on November 15. 

The two names were created by branding firm Brandiose, which helped name dozens of teams in Minor League Baseball over the past fifteen years, including the Rocket City Trash Pandas and Amarillo Sod Poodles. While in town in July they canvased the area, ran community focus groups, and brainstormed with the team about what direction they should go. Over the course of the past three months the team has been working on narrowing down all the fan entries, checking trademark statuses on potential names and developing the final two brands.

“It’s been an intense and exciting process coming up with two different brand names. It’s exciting to know we’re going to have the best and craziest name out of all the sports teams in the Pacific Northwest,” General Manager Justin Moser said via press release. “Brandiose did a great job helping us come up with some unique team names that connect with the areas history and connection with Puget Sound.”

The team plays games during the months of June, July and the first part of August at Mel Olson Stadium, inside of King County’s Steve Cox Memorial Park.

“We’re not in the baseball business, we’re in the circus business where there happens to be a college baseball game center stage,” Moser added. “This will be the place our community will want to spend Friday and Saturday nights during the summer. There’s no doubt in my mind.” 

The team formerly known as the Highline Bears plays between 28 and 30 home games every summer and hosts a 40-man roster comprised of college players from around the country.

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