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Tales from The Baseball Thesaurus: Infield

Where in a ballpark can you find half moons and cutouts, all in pursuit of a room-service hop? The infield: the carpet, the inner garden, the skin. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler describes the many terms for the infield in this week’s edition of Tales from the Baseball Thesaurus.

Infields have varied over time in the baseball universe: some infields lack grass altogether—a skin diamond—while others feature keyholes between the mound and home plate. In this episode of Tales from The Baseball Thesaurus, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler explains the many ways groundskeepers can design an infield with a goal of delivering a room-service hop to infielders. Infield is one of the many terms comprising the colorful patois of America’s Pastime. You can find The Baseball Thesaurus at

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