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Schaumburg Could Pursue Full Boomers Stadium Ownership

Schaumburg Boomers

In a move that could make future ballpark improvements easier, Schaumburg officials could pursue full ownership of Boomers Stadium, home of the Schaumburg Boomers (independent; Frontier League). 

Boomers Stadium is jointly owned by the Village of Schaumburg and the Schaumburg Park District, with the Boomers serving as its primary tenant. Schaumburg officials are considering the pursuit of full ownership of the ballpark, which would involve negotiating a land transfer with the park district.

The process could move forward Tuesday, when village trustees will consider an ordinance that allows negotiations on an intergovernmental agreement regarding a land transfer for Boomers Stadium and the surrounding parking lots. Schaumburg mayor Tom Dailly believes that there is an advantage to the village assuming full ownership, as the Boomers would then only have to negotiate future ballpark upgrades and repairs with one entity rather than two. More from the Daily Herald:

Park board members on Thursday are expected to consider approval of a similar document allowing negotiations to begin. Park officials have previously expressed concerns about spending on stadium needs because the district relies on property taxes for revenue more than the village.

Approval for a final transfer agreement would be required by the village and park boards.

Dailly said it could be easier to accomplish repairs or upgrades at the stadium if solely under village control.

“From the Boomers’ perspective, they’d deal with one entity instead of two,” he added.

The village and park district have jointly owned the ballpark since it opened in 1999.

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