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A Little Chin Music in San Rafael

San Rafael PacificsIn baseball, a little chin music refers to a pitch high and tight. For the San Rafael Pacifics (independent; Pacific Association), chin music will be the core of a June 29 promo where a fan can lose a chin.

Let’s face it: plenty of us have more than one chin. For those fans who themselves have, or for whom they have friends, with excess “chinnage,” the Pacifics will be creating some chin music by awarding one lucky fan the opportunity to go home with one less chin. Thanks to the Laser Center of Marin, a drawing at the game will select a fan to receive two free Kybella treatments to help wilt the fleshiest fan’s wattle.

Should be an exciting weekend at Albert Park: on Saturday night the Pacifics will commemorate the Beatles’ double White Album with a pre-game performance of White Album songs from Beatles cover band “Nigel & Clive and the British Invasion,” who will also sing the National Anthem. The first 250 fans will receive white T-shirts and the Pacifics players will sport white caps. The team will be renamed “The Beatles” for the game. Now we’ll know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Park.

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