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Boomers Ballpark Improvements to Be Phased In Over Time

Boomers Stadium upgrades

A renovation of 18-year-old Boomers Stadium, home of the Schaumburg Boomers (independent; Frontier League), will be done in phases over up to seven years, rather than in one offseason.

The Boomers ownership had proposed a $13-million renovation to Boomers Stadium, partly because of the age of the facility and partly because of anticipated competition from a new Rosemont ballpark opening in 2018 to house the Chicago Dogs (independent; American Association). Indiana-based Jones Petrie Rafinski had pitched a series of renovations to the ballpark. Though the report found no immediate safety issues with Boomers Stadium, it did recommend repairs to areas such as hand rails, protective netting, and steps. In addition, the renovations could lead to improved fan amenities–including an expanded team store, the removal of existing seats in favor of tables and terraces, and renovations to suites and the left-field party deck.

Boomers Stadium

In general, officials with the Village of Schaumburg and Schaumburg Park District were amenable to the work — much of it is routine maintenance, and much of it is the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a modern ballpark. (How times have changed: Boomers Stadium opened in 1999 and was considered state-of-the-art in indy ball at the time.) From the Chicago Daily Herald:

“We’re definitely looking at 5 to 7 years, if not more,” Schaumburg Village Manager Brian Townsend said….

While increased competition from Rosemont is acknowledged, the focus at Boomers Stadium will continue to be annual improvements to the fan experience, of which the facility is but one aspect, Townsend said.

In many ways, the Boomers are victims of their own success. Attending a Boomers game usually mean a visit to one of the most immaculately maintained ballparks in all of baseball, as team owners Pat and Lindy Salvi put an emphasis on a clean facility, and it may not be apparent to a casual visit that upgrades would be a good idea.

A final plan for the ballpark upgrades is promised for November.

Renderings courtesy of Village of Schaumburg.

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