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Ducks Unveil Bethpage Ballpark Improvements

Long Island Ducks

The Long Island Ducks (independent; Atlantic League) have unveiled a variety of new features at Bethpage Ballpark, including new LED lighting. 

The six towers that light the playing field at Bethpage Ballpark were transformed when Musco Lighting installed the new LED lighting system. These new fixtures have replaced the 2000-Watt Metal Halide bulbs that had been lighting the field since the Ducks’ inaugural season of 2000. In addition to significant energy savings, the new LED lights will provide the perfect illuminance for both the spectators and players.

Additional ballpark improvements include:


The playing surface that was in place since prior to the 2008 season at Bethpage Ballpark was replaced with 100,000 square feet of Kentucky Bluegrass. The four-week project was undertaken by DeLea Sod Farms of Long Island. Multiple upgrades to the playing field of the ballpark were made, including a better-quality field, improved drainage and irrigation, and aesthetic enhancement to the gameday experience for fans. The grass was installed following the stripping out process of the old field, and clean product, tilling and laser-grading followed prior to sod installation. Additionally, the sod outside the ballpark was replaced and the landscaping improved as well.


The previously carpeted flooring in the Duck Club restaurant and bar was replaced with new commercial grade vinyl hardwood. Carpeting in 10 luxury suites were also replaced with the new vinyl flooring. The material was made in America, using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. These changes will provide a cutting edge flooring solution for Bethpage Ballpark, a venue that sees a large amount of foot-traffic each year.


The lavatories at Bethpage Ballpark were transformed into a cleaner and safer space with a high tech edge as well. Sensor flush toilets have been installed to complement the no-touch sensor faucets that have already been in place. These new improvements will provide fans with a more sanitary, efficient and pleasant bathroom experience when they come to cheer on the Ducks.


The Ducks have teamed up with Great South Bay Brewery to produce a brand new, private label craft beer dubbed “Duck Tail Ale”. Fans will be able to enjoy this new, delicious brew all season long at Bethpage Ballpark. The beer, which is produced at the award-winning brewery in Bay Shore and delivered to the ballpark by Clare Rose Distributors, Inc., is an American Style Golden Ale that delivers a clean, crisp thirst-quenching experience with every sip. It is a full-flavored light beer with 4.8% ABV. Pilsner and Crystal Malts are mashed using traditional brewing techniques lending its light golden color. The brew is finished using Hallertau Hops to provide the right amount of bitterness for balance.

Each of these new additions will debut on Friday, April 28 during Opening Night at Bethpage Ballpark when the Ducks host the New Britain Bees at 6:35 p.m.

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