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Amarillo Lone Stars Still Finalizing Ballpark Lease

amarillo lone stars

The Amarillo Lone Stars (independent; Pecos League) have launched a website and unveiled logos, but their agreement to play at Potter County Memorial Stadium is not final. 

Once it was confirmed that the Texas AirHogs (independent; American Association) would not return in 2017, Potter County officials turned their attention toward securing an agreement with the Pecos League. Pecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn confirmed that he was interested in placing a team at the ballpark, but stressed the need to make improvements to Potter County Memorial Stadium.

In order to use the facility, Dunn and the Pecos League needed to finalize an agreement with Southern Independent Baseball‘s Gary Elliston, the AirHogs owner. That sublease has been secured, and the Pecos League has already made a website and logos for the Amarillo Lone Stars.

However, the sublease still requires county approval and all parties involved are acknowledging that that part of the agreement still needs to be finalized. More from the Amarillo Globe-News:

“They do not have a deal until the Commissioners Court meets and approves it,” [judge Nancy] Tanner said Wednesday. “Gary and Andrew both know that. Gary has the (current) lease, and he can sublease, but not until we approve it.”

In an email, Nunn said he has a signed agreement with Elliston, and that he will come to Amarillo on Nov. 14 to attend the commissioners’ meeting.

“I talked to the judge, and I was under the impression it would be approved,” Nunn said. “(Gary Elliston) is the lease holder and I have a signed lease. I just didn’t go out of the blue and say it was approved. I talked to Judge Tanner, and Judge Tanner said this is what I need to do and go to the commissioners on Nov. 14 to approve the sublease.”

Nunn said he’ll go before the commissioners “with a beautiful Lone Stars jersey in hand.”

“We want to be in Amarillo,” Nunn said. “We want to play baseball in Amarillo. We are trying to do this the right way for Amarillo. We have to get ready for a season and can’t do it the day before the season starts … We have a lot of work to do on that stadium. We have to get that place in order. We have a plan underway, and I want to thank Southern Independent Baseball for allowing us to keep baseball in Amarillo.”

One issue that will have to be resolved is the condition of Potter County Memorial Stadium. The American Association said that the departure of the AirHogs was because of the poor shape of the facility, and Dunn has already confirmed that he would like to see improvements.

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