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Push for Jackson Ballpark Continues

Frontier LeagueThe push for an independent league team in Jackson County, MI will continue, as officials have extended a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a potential owner.

Dating back to 2014, Commanding Curve Corporation—a group headed by local businessman Dan DuBois—has sought to bring a team to Jackson County. The proposal has called for an independent franchise, most likely an entry in the Frontier League, to play at a new ballpark on the site of the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Initially, the MOU was to expire on June 30. Following Tuesday’s vote by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, the MOU will now run through August 31, giving Commanding Curve more time to find a naming rights partner. DuBois says that multiple parties are interested in partnering on the project, which is crucial to the ballpark’s funding model. More from

The facility would be owned by the county and leased out, according to the latest memorandum of understanding between Jackson County and Commanding Curve. The county would retain rights to hosting events including concerts and the county fair on the property.

Without a naming rights partner by the Aug. 31 deadline, the agreement between Jackson County and Commanding Curve is terminated and the opportunity likely will be lost.

The group is seeking an agreement for $100,000 a year for naming rights to the stadium. It is also looking for investors to raise $1.5 million to cover startup costs.

DuBois said that the request for the extension was prompted by an inquiry from one of the potential naming rights partners. He also stated that several other parties have expressed interest in signing on for sponsorship packages.

According to previous estimates, the ballpark will cost somewhere in the range of $8 to $12 million.

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