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New for 2013: Medford Rogues

Medford Rogues

The newest team in the summer-collegiate West Coast League: the Medford Rogues, playing out of Harry and David Field.

The team name was announced yesterday by GM Chuck Heeman. The team’s logo was designed by Keith Flynn of Flynnagain Productions; he’ll also be designing team uniforms and other logos.

“It’s a great day for our team, finally having a true identity and moving ahead,” Heeman said. “In the short time we’ve been here in Medford, it’s really obvious that the Rogue theme fits right in with the lifestyle and attitude of the Rogue Valley. We were cheering for Rogues to be the winning name in the contest and we’re very happy it came through that way.”

The team also covered the upgrades to Harry and David Field that will provide for summer-collegiate ball:

The seating plan unveiled Tuesday involves carrying the same chair-back seating already on hand to the edges of the dugouts along the first base and third base lines. Permanent bleachers will be added beyond that initial first five rows to extend seating capacity. A grass berm will be placed along the right field line beginning near first base, with a party deck to be built between the third base dugout and the current ramp that leads to the playing field.

Heeman said the seating count was at 2,178 when he last went over the figures but some of that may change depending on if the party deck lands at a capacity of 175 or 200. The grass berm was put at 700 but potentially could grow by another 100 or 200 seats. WCL President Ken Wilson said last June when Medford was awarded a WCL franchise that the league’s average attendance is about 1,200 per game and approaches around 2,500 for its most popular franchises.

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