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Dehler makes good on naming-rights payment for Mustangs ballpark

Billings MustangsJon Dehler, who purchased naming rights for Dehler Park, home of the Billings Mustangs (rookie; Pioneer League), is current after making a $50,000 payment last week.

We’re not so sure this was very newsworthy, but the local paper aggressively covered a situation where Dehler was late on an annual $100,000 payment — kinda. He made half of the payment early, then informed city officials the second payment would be late. Billings officials didn’t seem too concerned about it, but the Billings Gazette made a big deal about it.

And, indeed, Dehler made good on his pledge, depositing the remaining $50,000 with the city last week.

From a statement issued by Dehler:

“it was always a priority for me to get this obligation fulfilled in a timely manner. Now that everything is current with the City of Billings, I hope we can all focus on everything that is wonderful about our ballpark and our city.”


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