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Lawsuit filed to prevent new Ramapo ballpark

Can-Am LeagueAs they promised, a group opposing a new Ramapo ballpark for an independent Can-Am League team has filed suit in an effort to prevent further construction on the project.

The complaint from Preserve Ramapo is pretty clear: the Ramapo Local Development Corp. and the city are circumventing the will of the people after the ballpark project and its public funding were rejected by voters last fall in a referendum.

You can read the full complaint in PDF formst here.

The goal is pretty simple: the court is being asked to halt construction on the ballpark and dissolve all contracts let to date. Because the 61 acres of land for the ballpark site was illegally transferred to the development corporation and city funds earmarked for recreation were funneled to the ballpark, the city should step away from the project, argues the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit comes at a pretty bad time: though construction has begun on the ballpark, the project is still some $15 million short. There’s the real danger the lawsuit could scare off potential lenders and halt construction on the facility, slated to open this season as the home of the Rockland Boulders (independent; Can-Am League). For the record: the Boulders ownership is a party to the suit, but not the league.

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