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Meanwhile, in the Can-Am League….

Quebec CapitalesMost of the news in independent baseball this offseason has been generated by the new North American League and additions to the American Association. True, there’s been far less news associated with the Can-Am League this offseason, but here’s what’s been happening as of late.

We’ve already reported on the addition of the Newark Bears to the circuit, a move that brings the league lineup to seven teams. The question is what the league does to fill out the lineup, and one answer could be the Rockland Boulders, the team angling to play in a new Ramapo (NY) ballpark. As you’ll recall, Ramapo voters rejected a plan for the city to fund a new ballpark, but city officials decided to proceed with the ballpark anyway, using local redevelopment funds. That plan has hit a roadblock, though: the city still needs a private development partner to make the ballpark-funding plan work, reportedly. And we’re a little credulous about a team planning to begin play in 2011 when no ballpark construction has taken place as of Nov. 21, especially in a northern clime. Maybe that’s why the Boulders haven’t been officially added to the league lineup as of today. Still, the Boulders say they’re hiring for the 2011 season.

They’re not hiring in Quebec, but the Can-Am League is making news for a different reason: the Quebec Capitales have been sold by Miles Wolff to a local ownership group led by Jean Trembley. Wolff isn’t walking away from Quebec City (indeed, he’s signed on to be head of baseball operations for the team) and the transition should be smooth as silk. Not a surprise — he’s tried to sell the franchise a few times in the past — but it’s still the end of an era. Here’s a nice little tribute to Wolff from a local columnist.

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