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Saints poke fun at contentious Senate race with “Re-Count”

The St. Paul Saints make light of a patently absurd situation in Minnesota politics.
With Norm Coleman and Al Franken locked up in a contentious recount to see which candidate lands in the U.S. Senate, the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) are marking the occasion with a unique bobblehead promotion.

A figurine given out at the May 23 game features a single head with Coleman’s face on one side and Franken’s on the other. The body of the doll features that of the famous Sesame Street Count (Count von Count) with a suit, bow tie and cape. The head will spin reminding fans of the dizzying experience that has been this state’s U.S. Senate race.

"The Saints have really outdone themselves with this one," said Independent Senate candidate Dean Barkley. "I am glad, however, they decided not to make this a talking doll. Norm-Al will look great on someone’s shelf — silently."

The first 2,500 fans that enter the gates on Saturday, May 23 are scheduled to receive a “Re”Count, but that number may change daily leading up to the event. For example, the Saints may only have 2,400 dolls to give away if an employee accidentally leaves a box of the dolls sitting in their vehicle overnight.

There will be a coloring competition where the winner will be the person who can correctly color inside of an oval shaped object. Following the third inning of their game against the Sioux Falls Canaries, no matter the score, the Saints will claim victory, “a victory for all Minnesotans.”

While fans choose whether to spin the doll to the side of Coleman or Franken, lawyers will be on hand to help determine their intent and challenges may be submitted to the Saints Fan Services Booth in written or oral form. All fans will participate in various counting exercises during the course of the game, including the popular exercise: “What’s the difference between 24 and 124?”

Coleman and Franken are currently deadlocked with 42% of the vote while Barkley finished with 15.2% after 2.9 million votes were cast.

The final result of the May 23 Saints game on The “Re”Count night will not be official until sometime in mid-June.