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York Revolution

Promotions Watch: Independent Giveaways

The season is underway in the independent baseball ranks, bringing about a new batch of promotions for this summer. Promotions Watch will provide a two-part overview of some of the most notable events in the independent leagues, with part one focusing on giveaways and part two—which will be posted next week—highlighting theme nights and appearances. (more…)

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Promotions Watch: MiLB Bobbleheads

For years, bobbleheads have been promotional staples around Minor League Baseball. This year will be no exception, as bobblehead giveaways are featured on most schedules, with many teams taking unique approaches. This week’s Promotions Watch looks at a few bobblehead nights around the minors, featuring players, local celebrities, movie characters, and more. (more…)

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Tacoma Tigers

Promotions Watch: MiLB History Nights

Around Minor League Baseball this season, many teams will honor their history through throwback or turn back the clock nights. This has been a trend for years—in fact, we did a roundup of similar promotions in 2015—but 2016 will be a particularly busy year. This edition of Promotions Watch looks at the most notable throwback […]

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