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Next gig for the Veecks: Larne FC Irish football

Larne FCWell, this is a move we did not see coming: Mike Veeck and son Night Train Veeck are minority investors in the Larne FC Northern Irish football team.

There’s been a move of successful baseball execs to professional soccer both in the United States and Europe in the past several years–Jeff Garner and John Katz, to name a few–so maybe the move isn’t so surprising. Larne FC is one of the most successful Irish squads out there, completing in NILF Premiership. Under the ownership of Kenny Bruce, Larne F.C. has been successful on the pitch and at the gate since 2018 after Bruce invested in facilities and players. The Veecks join American businessman Scott Krase as minority owners.

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome the Veeck family as investors in Larne Football Club as part of our ambitious phase two plans to continue bringing success and opportunity to Inver Park,” Bruce said via press release. “The Veeck’s story within sport is one of dreaming big and achieving success, which aligns perfectly with the culture of those tasked with running our club on a daily basis. The working relationship with the family has proven to be very strong so far, and we will look to use every ounce of knowledge and experience the Veeck’s can offer to improve areas of the club and ensure it remains at the top table within Northern Irish football.”

“As a family, we are excited to make the step into football and support the great work already being carried out by everyone at Larne Football Club. Having paid a visit to Larne earlier this month, the community spirit within the town absolutely captured my heart and it was immediately obvious that the football club plays a key role within this community – which is something we place great importance in with all our investment projects,” Night Train Veeck said via press release. “The team, staff and everyone connected with Larne FC have done, and continue to do a great job in bringing success to the town while creating opportunities for those within the community, and I look forward to supporting this effort to ensure the club continues being successful and most importantly, bringing smiles to supporters’ faces.”

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