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Northwoods League pitch timers on tap

Northwoods LeagueWe’ll see Northwoods League pitch timers in their ballparks beginning in 2023, as the summer-collegiate circuit aims to accelerate the pace of play.

Each ballpark in the League will be outfitted with two Daktronics clocks. One clock will be placed in the outfield, and another will be placed behind the plate. The Northwoods League will be the first summer collegiate league to add pitch clocks after the successful rollout last season in MiLB. Visible pitch clocks will be coming to Major League Baseball this year and college baseball in the 2024 season. Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and now the Northwoods League has joined in on increasing the pace of play at ballparks this coming season.

“The Northwoods League has decided to implement field clocks for the upcoming season,” said Northwoods League President Ryan Voz via press statement. “It appears this is the future for baseball in the collegiate and professional levels and this will be just another tool to help provide the best experience for NWL players.”

In the Minor Leagues last season, the pitch timer cut down average game times by about 25 minutes. A similar reduction in the Northwoods League would be considered a crisper and more exciting viewing product for fans at home and in ballparks.

The amount of time between pitches will be determined at a later time by the League and communicated to all League members, media and fans.

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