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More SEC facility upgrades on tap at Georgia, Tennessee

We have two more SEC facility upgrades on tap, with Georgia planning Foley Field renovations and the University of Tennessee mapping Lindsay Nelson Stadium enhancements for 2024.

As we’ve repeatedly pointed out, we’re in the midst of an arms race when it comes to college ballpark, and ground central in these battles is SEC facility upgrades. Condron Family Ballpark at the University of Florida was our 2021 College Ballpark of the Year, and we’ve also seen SEC facility upgrades at other schools, as well as a new ballpark at the University of Kentucky.

In the case of Lindsay Nelson Stadium (shown above), the school is looking at an increase in capacity from 4,283 to between 6,500 to 8,000, with plenty of enhancements on both the fan side and the player side. A new, dramatic entrance is also on the agenda. Depending on fundraising efforts based on an initial budget of $56.8 million, we could see work begin after the end of the 2023 Volunteers baseball season in anticipation of a 2024 opening.

At Foley Field, the emphasis will be on player-development areas: batting tunnels, a high-tech pitching late, new weight room and nutrition center, as well as player lounges. The project has a similar timeline: work beginning after the 2023 Bulldogs baseball season, with an opening in 2024.

Rendering courtesy University of Tennessee.

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