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August in August: Buy one, get one free on My 1961

My 1961We’ve offered the August in August promotion to our August Publications newsletter subscribers, and now we’re offering it to you: Buy one copy of My 1961 and receive a second copy free of charge.

This book is especially timely given what’s going on with Aaron Judge and his potentially historic home-run season.

1961, Andy Strasberg’s poignant memoir of coming of age during one of the greatest seasons in baseball history. Buy one for yourself and get another for free. It’s an amazing story that will take you back to a Golden Era or baseball–and life.

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The discount is good through Aug. 20 at midnight.

Sixty years after Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s “unbreakable” home-run record, author Andy Strasberg shares his obsession with baseball, life, and a remarkable era in American history in his memoir of the era, My 1961.

My 1961 recounts a thirteen-year-old’s infatuation with baseball in a season dominated by Roger Maris’s bid to break Babe Ruth’s single-season home-run record in the midst of the New York Yankees’ pursuit of a World Series championship. In selecting Maris as his personal idol—his boyhood friends, and seemingly much of the world, favored Mickey Mantle—he discovered values that would redirect his path toward adulthood, detailed in daily entries throughout the course of an unforgettable year.

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