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Stillwell Baseball Stadium Upgrade Pitched

Stillwell Baseball Stadium renovation rendering

Seeking to modernize fan amenities and program facilities, Kennesaw State University is proposing a $7 million renovation to Stillwell Baseball Stadium

The Kennesaw, GA-based university is seeking to undertake a multi-phase renovation that could wrap up in 2022. Baseball program facilities would be primarily addressed in the first two phases, with the second also featuring improved concession areas and other upgrades, while the third and final would include a capacity expansion and the addition of new premium seating.

Plans for the proposal were discussed at a Georgia Board of Regents committee meeting on Tuesday. In pitching the renovations–which would be funded by private and philanthropic donations–the university stressed that the facility is out-of-date in its current state, and that both fan and baseball program amenities need to be modernized. More from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“The Stadium, which was built in the late 1980s, is outdated and no longer meets the needs of the student-athletes for daily use or the expectations of its patrons seeking an enjoyable game day experience,” according to state documents.

The first phase would includes installing a turf field, a batting lane and new fencing. The second phase includes planned dugout improvements, updated space for media, concessions, and other game day operations. Stadium seating would be updated and expanded to accommodate 1,500 patrons, while also offering additional venue rental space and premium seating options. KSU hopes to complete the renovations by 2022.

Reportedly, the regents committee did not raise any objections to the proposal. Stillwell Baseball Stadium originally opened in 1984.

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