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5 New Ways Stadium1 Uses Dashboards Analytics to Generate More Revenue

Stadium1 Dashboard

Cloud-based systems like Stadium1 are changing the business landscape through dashboard technology, helping venues reach new revenue goals. Here are five ways your stadium operation can create new levels of success.

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Business Week have all talked about the power of dashboard computing and the benefits they can bring to general businesses. Within stadium operations, find out how Stadium1 is revolutionizing this new data visualization software technology nationwide, so teams can be more productive and proactive in stadium and arena venue management.

Research shows that cloud-based systems have grown to $34 billion in sales and are expected to more than double in sales, to over $73 billion, by 2020.

Our teams use our dynamic dashboard to their advantage—proven to help our clients lift revenue and decrease cost

Deal – Engine Promotion – Deal engine functionality can be done by item, location, and time to promote items before they spoil or need to be taken out of inventory. In a recent case study, the team sold 90 percent of the inventory; at that point, the team entered into the deal engine as a promotion. This would have gone unsold or spoiled in the past. Teams can promote a beer special as the gates open, and the software will allow them to turn it off at a specified time—say, 45 minutes after opening—and return it to the original selling price. Teams can do all their yearly Thirty Thursday promotions from the administrative part of our system in a few minutes’ time. This unique design and functionality will eliminate waste and generate newfound revenue for your team.

Stadium1 Dashboard

Data Analytics for early store closures – The Stadium1 dashboard has a workforce management component built into the software to show the hours and dollars being accumulated in the store. The smart technology in the system allows managers to see both revenue and payroll expenses on one screen. When the revenue becomes stagnant and payroll continues to rise, stand managers will know 15-45 minutes early when it is time to close that concession stand. Stadium1 data gives our clients the data in real-time data to back up their decisions. This alone can save thousands of dollars per year in extra payroll costs.

Stadium1 dashboard

Real-Time Inventory – This takes the guess work out of what needs to be ordered and restocked. This function takes a snapshot of all the inventory, food and beverage, alcohol, and merchandise stock to give you updates of numbers in real time. Now you can see inventory levels as product is sold every ten seconds.

Stadium1 dashboard

Loaded Tickets – When season ticket holders, groups or individual fans attend a game, the Stadium1 system along with our approved ticket vendor can load an amount of money on a ticket that links into our system. Management can track the amount of loaded tickets and how many have been used. Implementing this feature can add significant revenue as fans tend to spend more when they have monopoly money already placed on their ticket. Tracking it is easy within our unique dashboard design.


Fan Loyalty Program on the dashboard – This function allows ownership to track every single fan that signs up during the game for our built-in team loyalty program. Plus, our dashboard illustrates how many loyalty points the patrons have used and how many were redeemed during the game; of course, all in real time. This helps management understand how the loyalty program is working, resulting in a smooth operational flow.

In summary: these tools all work in concert, so ownership can take back total control and lift performance to an entirely new level. This dashboard technology created by Stadium1 helps your customers not only improve the bottom line but encompasses all of the thousands of things going on operationally during the event, then encapsulating it into one dynamic data analysis intelligent solution that has been called the ultimate dashboard management video game for team ownership and managers.

This revolutionary technology is something you must see to believe.

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