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Are You on Cloud 9 Yet?

Cloud Computing

How about Cloud 5? Here are 5 main reasons to move to a cloud-based POS Inventory Management System.

It seems like wherever you turn today, especially in the technology sector, people are talking about the cloud. So why is it that more and more companies are turning toward this method of processing data, and doing business when it comes to Point of Sale and inventory computing?

Gartner Research shows that cloud-based systems have grown to $34 billion in sales and is expected to more than double to over $73 billion in 2020.

Cloud Computing

Top five reasons to float up to a cloud-based system

The Cost — It is far less expensive to keep data and programs in a cloud-based environment architecture rather than a server sitting onsite in your stadium, arena or event venue.

Plus, ownership can lower their infrastructure cost for maintenance for onsite servers and eliminate the hassle of always having to keep up with cyber security and computer lock downs. Implementing Stadium1 has saved our clients millions of dollars in ongoing fees from other legacy and non-legacy systems.

Back-Up Data — In my career, I have seen many companies lose their data to poor backup procedures and outdated hardware.

In the cloud, the backup is done automatically and with Stadium1 it is included in our service. In effect, we have designed smart terminals that operate throughout the stadium on our platform.

Updating the Software — Software updates with extremely fast deployment can be pushed through the cloud based programming architecture within Stadium1. The update of the entire system platform can be done all at once. Stadium1 regularly schedules software updates on a yearly on-going basis.

Real-Time Data Reporting — Legacy systems have a difficult time updating and reporting data even on a daily or weekly basis. Stadium1 gives you real-time dashboard reporting every 30 seconds on every mobile device, so ownership knows exactly the status of every transaction in every store.

Choosing the Right Hardware Platform — The POS device actually operating the cloud-based software will determine if your installation will be successful. Don’t take this decision lightly, as it all hinges on the right technology partner. Stadium1 has the most ruggedized, commercial-grade, water-resistant unit on the market. It has a less that 1% failure rate after 5 years of service.

Cloud Computing

The Stadium1 platform is designed specifically for stadiums and arenas, and completely integrates with our point-to-point, end-to-end software system to give our customers the fastest, most cost-effective cloud-based solution in the market today.

This revolutionary technology is something you have to see to believe.

To learn more, please contact Ed Mullen at or call 561-704-1414.

This article was sponsored by Stadium1.

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