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Bids for Franklin Rogers Park Upgrades Approved

Mankato MoonDogs

Bids for upcoming renovations to Franklin Rogers Park have been approved, meaning that the upgrades could be in place by the Mankato MoonDogs‘ (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) 2018 slate. 

The Mankato City Council made its decisions on Monday concerning bids for the first phase of improvements at Franklin Rogers Park, a key step in a renovation process that will lead to several changes. Among the projects that are slated to be completed in the first phase include a new synthetic playing surface and field grading, along with improvements to dugouts, restrooms, and other areas of the facility.

The total value of the bids amounted to about $3.1 million, including about $1.6 million to WEB Construction, Inc., $480,704 to AstroTurf LLC, and $1.03 million to Dirt Merchant, Inc. Some officials expressed concern that the $3.1 million figure exceeds previous estimates of $2.6 million. More from the Mankato Free Press:

“To see this much of an overrun before we’ve done anything concerns me greatly,” said Mayor Eric Anderson.

He asked what options were available to rein in the cost, adding he didn’t see much room to put a dent in it based on the plans and bidding figures available.

Jeff Johnson, director of public works, said approval of the bids would allow city staff to negotiate with project engineers, architects and the contractors to bring down costs on certain portions of the project in the coming weeks. He named bid package two, which includes construction of the buildings, as an option for negotiation.

“What I’m referring to when I’m talking about negotiating is altering bid number two to something more constructible,” he said.

WEB Construction was awarded bid package two. The approval of the bids should allow construction on the upgrades to start before the end of this month, as construction crews will work to complete the project in time for the MoonDogs’ 2018 season. Franklin Rogers Park originally opened in 1967, and began hosting Northwoods League action in 1999.

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