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Frisco unveils new Teddy Roosevelt RoughRiders look

Frisco RoughRiders

Today’s Frisco news, part I: The Frisco RoughRiders (Class AA; Texas League) unveiled a new logo and branding identity based upon former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, America’s original Rough Rider.

The new look, featuring fresh logos, team colors and uniforms from design firm Brandiose, is part of a six-month creative overhaul of the RoughRiders’ brand, and a major move under new ownership.

The re-imagined identity celebrates one of America’s legendary heroes, Teddy Roosevelt, whose famous Rough Riders originated in Texas more than a century ago. Officially known as the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, this famous regiment became known as the “Rough Riders” and its members were personally recruited by Teddy throughout the Lone Star State. Many of the Rough Riders were from the areas currently known as the cities of Frisco, Plano and McKinney.

The club’s new official colors, Scorched Red, Cream, Slate Blue and Texas Navy, represent an early-twentieth century take on America’s patriotic palette. The muted red, white and blue color scheme is said to have been scorched by the hot Texas sun. The RoughRiders are the first professional sports team to use this color combination.

The team’s new logo set is highlighted by “Swinging Teddy,” an exuberant depiction of the 26th President of the United States. The iconic image of Teddy laughing is captured in the RoughRiders’ alternate logo, which shows him donning his famous slouch hat and pince-nez glasses. Stylized “RoughRiders” lettering can be seen through the identity, topped with the Texas star. The double-curl at the bottom of the capital R’s in the “Double R” logo and wordmark is inspired by Teddy’s celebrated moustache.

“We are excited and energized to begin this new era of the Frisco RoughRiders,” said RoughRiders CEO and Managing Partner Chuck Greenberg. “Our new look was designed with feedback from loyal Riders fans with a nod to the history of Texas and a more meaningful connection with our team nickname. Our new colors, logo and brand identity offer a terrific launching point for the myriad of exciting enhancements to the experience of RoughRiders Baseball, both at Dr Pepper Ballpark and throughout the community.”

Frisco RoughRiders

The Riders on the field will wear brand new caps and uniforms based on the logo and color scheme for the upcoming season and beyond. The color of the primary cap will be Scorched Red with two overlapping Cream R’s above the brim. The team will also be outfitted with two alternate caps: one in Scorched Red featuring Swinging Teddy and a Texas Navy batting practice cap with a “Smiling Teddy” depiction.

The primary home uniform will be Cream with “Riders” written in stylized Scorched Red lettering across the chest; the numbers will adorn both the front and back of the jersey in Slate Blue and Scorched Red, respectively. The gray road uniform has “Frisco” written in Scorched Red across the front and jersey numbers matching the arrangement of the home uniform. Additionally, the team will wear two alternate jerseys in Scorched Red and Slate Blue periodically throughout the season.  A Swinging Teddy patch will embellish the left sleeve on all team jerseys.

Frisco RoughRiders

As mentioned, the RoughRiders’ look was brought to life by Brandiose. Partners Jason Klein and Casey White dreamed up top-selling logos for the El Paso Chihuahuas, Richmond Flying Squirrels, Lehigh Valley IronPigs and America’s oldest baseball club, the Cincinnati Reds.

“Working hand-in-hand with Jason and Casey of Brandiose is always a great experience,” Greenberg said. “Our development process began last July when they met in Frisco with fans, staff and community members to learn about the stories, history and personality of Teddy Roosevelt, the RoughRiders and the Metroplex. This is a fresh look that our fans will rally behind and it is the product of a terrific collaboration.”

“Teddy Roosevelt is one of the great icons in American history,” Klein said. “Both he and the Metroplex embody the same values of self-determination, exuberance, optimism, pride and involvement in a wide range of interests.”

Merchandise featuring the RoughRiders’ new look is available now at Dr Pepper Ballpark and online at

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