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Grizzlies, Owls on the block

Coastal Plain LeagueTwo of the more successful summer-collegiate teams are on the block, as owner Ken Silver is looking to sell the Gastonia Grizzlies and the Forest City Owls of the Coastal Plain League.

Silver, a former Minor League Baseball owner, says he’s selling for a simple reason: the 68-year-old wants to spend less time at the ballpark and more time with his grandkids.

It’s doubtful either team will be moved, but they’re not being sold as a pair. Silver is working with Jesse Cole, owner and president of Team Cole, which manages both teams as well as the Martinsville Mustangs, on a sale of the Gastonia Grizzlies, per the Gaston Gazette: “Jesse’s been with me now for seven years and no one knows that franchise better than he does,” he said. “If Jesse and I can come to terms for him to buy me out, I would do that.” The buyout would also include Silver’s ownership stake in Team Cole.

The future of the Forest City Owls is a little more cloudy. GM Cory Dirksen was dismissed at the end of the season, and Silver is seeking a local owner for the team — someone who would keep the team in Forest City. From the Daily Courier:

He said he feels “very strongly that the Owls should remain in Forest City.”

Silver said he is looking for anyone in Forest City, on the town council or anyone in the the general public who would be interested in purchasing the team.

“Our intention is to continue to own and operate the team until a sale can be arranged,” Silver added.

The selling price for the Owls: in the $700,000 neighborhood.


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